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Agile Data-Driven whitepaper

Learn how to accelerate your engineering organization's time to market with the Agile Data-Driven methodology.

    Agile Data-Driven
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    The Agile Data-Driven methodology was born from the need of engineering leaders to be able to measure their teams’ performance with real-time metrics and reports, aggregated directly from Git repos.


    The Agile Data-Driven methodology is not meant to replace the Agile and Waterfall methodologies. It’s meant to add a layer of data to the current Agile processes, bringing a real-time, quantifiable view of engineering output.


    By switching to the Agile Data-Driven methodology, managers and executives will be able to gain visibility into potential roadblocks, reduce time spent creating reports, and increase delivery velocity.


    The Agile Data-Driven method also helps software engineers remove distractions. The importance of engineers’ workflow is highlighted by Paul Graham in his essay “Maker’s schedule, Manager’s schedule.”


    According to Graham, the way engineers and managers work is very different. While a manager has no problems in organizing his work around meetings, for an engineer this has a high productivity impact, as they usually end up losing half a day over a simple meeting.

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